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Dinner Party Catering

Dinner Party Catering In Malaysia


If you are planning a dinner party in Malaysia, you need to choose a reputable party catering service. The most important aspect of the party will be food and that is why you will need to carefully select a good catering service. We are a party catering service provider in Malaysia and we have well trained catering professionals who have been trained on preparing and serving food to large groups of people.

We offer two main types of dinner party catering services. They include:

On premises caterers

In this option, we will prepare and serve food at the exact location where the party is being held. For you to enjoy this service, you are required to have a large kitchen where the catering staff can comfortable move around.

Off premises caterers

In this option we will prepare the food at a different location and then bring it to be served at your dinner party. We make use of food warmers to keep the food hot while in transit. This service will be most appropriate to people who have a smaller kitchen or those who do not have a kitchen at the party location.

Things to bear in mind before getting a party caterer

  • Do you have a theme for the dinner party?

If you do, you should communicate the information with the caterer to ensure that he select the right food for that particular theme.

  • What type of food do you want?

Do you require full course, heavy meal or just light and delicious meal? This information will be very crucial to the caterer.

  • What’s the number of people that you expect in the party?

This will determine the type and amount of food to be prepared.

  • What is your budget?

This will show the amount of money that you expect to spend during the party.

If you are able to address these questions, then you will be set to hold the dinner party.


Decide your type of service

When you are organizing your party, it would be important for you to decide if you want a buffet type service or a sit down service. In a buffet type service, your visitors will be allowed to serve themselves. In a sit down service, your visitors will sit down and the foods will be served by our caterers. In most cases, the buffet type service will come at a lower price when compared to a sit down service where extra staff needs to be hired.

Preparations you have to do

A successful dinner party will require you to do adequate preparations. Failure to plan could result in a situation where things get out of your hands. It is also important to involve our caterers in your plan so that all the necessary plans can be made accordingly.

The main reason why you should use our services is because we have both the technical professional capacity to handle any size of a dinner party. With a great experience, you can be sure that when you employ our services, you will get nothing but the best. It is important to ensure that you have prepared a list of all the things that you need in your party beforehand. Hiring the right dinner party catering service will definitely bring a difference to your party.


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